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Specialist packaging machine manufacturer BWI Dawson have designed and installed a new depalletising machine for New Zealand Milk using 'Lube-free Water Protected' drive chain from Tsubaki UK.  The lambda WP chain has enabled BWI Dawson to design a completely corrosion resistant machine for the first time, one that has to survive a daily washdown using hot brine in a food safe environment.

New Zealand Milk, manufacturers of the Anchor butter brand import over 26,000 tonnes of butter into the UK every year.  The butter is wrapped in 25 kilo blocks, stacked five layers deep and frozen for transportation.  The butter arrives on pallets holding 50 blocks each, it is then thawed, salted and processed for retail packaging on-site at their Swindon depot.  The throughput at Swindon amounts to 120 tonnes per eight hour shift and previously involved six lines of labour intensive unpacking.