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Tsubaki's Lambda lube-free chain has just completed 5 years service without elongation or wear, in an environment where previously, standard lubricated BS roller chains from another manufacturer were seizing and breaking within 6-8 weeks of being fitted. The self-lubricating properties of Lambda chain result in it being dry to the touch, in this application it means that small fibres do not stick to the chain and soak up lubricant, causing chains to wear excessively, dry out and become prone to breakages.

The 3M plant in County Durham manufactures disposable respirators for the worldwide market, exporting over 70% of production to mainland Europe, Africa and Asia. The respirators are produced on a 24 hour per day, 365 day per year cycle. They are manufactured on large converting machines where the filter material is layered and sealed. The fibre material is highly absorbent, so much so that similar material is used in booms by operators in the North Sea to mop up oil spills.