New Tsubaki Cam Clutches launched at Hannover Fair

The already comprehensive range of Tsubakimoto's Cam Clutch family has been expanded further with the launch of new series products at Hannover Fair 2003. Based on a design that utilises sprags instead of rollers, the Tsubaki Cam Clutch is well-known for delivering higher torque, longer wear-life and maintenance-free operation, in addition to greater efficiency in respect of overrunning, indexing and backstopping.

Receiving its market introduction at Hannover are the new BREU and BREU-K series. Providing an European alternative to the existing BR series, principally used to backstop inner race, high-speed overrunning, these are the newest 'lift off' type clutches and are interchangeable with equivalent competitive alternatives. The unique design of these clutches allows the use of Tsubaki's standard MZEU flanges which, with new additions also presented for the first time at Hannover, are now available in six versions for all sizes of BREU and BREU-K as well as MZEU Cam Clutches.

The MZEU range of pre-lubricated, maintenance-free cam clutches is also extended with the innovative MZEU-K series featuring an extra keyway on the outer race, and providing for easy in-bore installation in combination with F5 flanges.

New clutch sizes for Tsubaki's established BSEU series, designed for backstop applications for small and medium size inclined conveyors and elevators, are also new to market.
The BSEU 25-20 and BSEU 25-25, for 20mm and 25mm shaft diameters respectively, offer improved economy over the earlier BSEU 40-20 and BSEU 40-25 versions.

Recently introduced, Tsubaki's BB-2GD-1K range of sealed cam clutches builds on the BB-2GD series by offering an optional keyway on the inner race of the clutch. The innovative lip seal design of the BB-2GD make them ideally suited to backstopping and overrunning applications in environments where contact with particulates occurs, such as in woodworking, quarrying, materials handling and agricultural processes. Easily fitted, and interchangeable with competitive models, these clutches are available in both standard and keyway mounted versions.

The lip seal on the BB-2GD series protects the internal mechanism of the clutch from abrasives such as dust and grit. This leads to improved durability and accuracy. And, as the units are ready sealed with a life long lubricant, they are maintenance free.

BB-2GD Cam Clutches are designed for convenient press fitting into ball bearing housings (from 35mm to 80mm outside diameter), and can accommodate shafts from 15mm to 40mm. Torque capacities range from 29Nm to 260Nm allowing the units to easily replace bulkier, less efficient ratchet or roller designs in conveyor and vertical lift systems. Nor do they require any lateral support by bearings, as all Tsubaki BB series cam clutches have integral bearings.

With these recent launches and additions, Tsubaki now offers one of the widest ranges of one-way cam clutches currently available in the marketplace.

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– 2003 April 7