Environmentally friendly chain development

New development in chains promises environmentally friendly and extended life chain products


Published in Power in Motion April 2007 -- G7- 'seventh generation' ANSI standard chain employs an innovative bushing system that greatly improves internal lubrication and extends wear life by 100% in the most popular RS80 to RS140 sizes. A combination of the new 'lube groove' bushing and an exhaustive testing regime also means that the new ANSI standard RS roller chain has a 33% higher kW rating.

As a partner to the already successful ANSI series, a new range of Engineering Plastic Combination chains (PC) are being launched in BS/DIN Standard sizes. PC chain offers a lightweight alternative to all-stainless chains for applications with a high level of moisture present, wash down conditions, and corrosive atmospheres. Available in drive, conveyor and attachment variations, the new PC series chains can provide high levels of resistance to water, acids, alkalis and food ingredients. A single-piece engineering plastic inner link design promotes easier cleaning and allows lube-free operation, extending chain life in poor lubrication situations.

N.E.P. chain, an improved corrosion resistant chain, will be shown for the first time at Hannover Fair. It has a reduced impact on the environment through lower emission carbon cycle during manufacture and the selection of materials in its construction. Previous corrosion resistant chains relied on the use of chromium, where N.E.P. chain combines two specific types of special surface coating to protect the product from environmental conditions and improve wear life of specific components. The surface coating of the link plates, bearing pins & bushes provides maximum protection, with the roller having a coating of its own for protection not only against corrosion but also to protect the surface from the constant impact during operation, prolonging chain life.
– 2007 April 21