Tsubaki Warns of Fraudulent Chinese “Tsubaki” Chain



Tsubakimoto Europe B.V. today issued the following statement to warn customers about fraudulent practices regarding the misuse of the name TSUBAKI.

Over the past couple of months, Tsubaki has picked up on an increasing amount of rumors claiming that Tsubaki manufactures its chains in China.



Investigating those rumors resulted in several leads to at least one Chinese company that, as it now seems to be the case, produces chain under the name of “Tisubaki”. And this is just one example.

Tsubaki will not yet take any legal action at this stage as it has a very good relationship with the Chinese government which is currently working really hard on stopping these kinds of fraudulent operations.

However, Tsubaki would like to inform all distributors and end-users that it does NOT produce “TSUBAKI” chain in China.


– 2008 January 30