Tsubaki congratulates winners World Cup Football competition

In June 2010, the World Cup Football Tournament took place in South Africa. Tsubaki has offered its partners and their customers the opportunity to join in a web-competition and win fantastic prizes.

The World Cup Football Tournament has ended now, and we at Tsubaki headquarters in the Netherlands look back at it with a smile...

In the meantime, the prize-winners have been contacted personally and Tsubaki has had the pleasure of congratulating the following people with their well-earned prize:

Nr. 1 Delmert Bruno - Gruppe Fair; FR (Flatscreen Television)
Nr. 2 Terry Melissen - Attero Moerdijk; NL (Football-table)
Nr. 3 Bart Arendsen - Kramp Varsseveld; NL (Tom Tom)

Customer prize for motivating most participants: Narvija Lithuania (Football-table)

In total, over 300 people from 13 different countries have participated in the Tsubaki web-competition. We would like to thank all participants for joining our competition and we hope they will join us again the next time.

1st prize Tsubaki Web-Competition 2nd prize Tsubaki Web-Competition
1st Prize: Mr. Delmert Bruno                                        2nd Prize: Mr. Terry Melissen

3rd prize Tsubaki Web-Competition
3rd Prize: Mr. Bart Arendsen

– 2010 July 29