Tsubaki delivers SUPER Chain solutions for heavy-duty service applications

With matched dimensions and directly interchangeable with ANSI standard roller chain, the Tsubaki SUPER Chain family allows operators of heavy-duty drive and conveying installations to improve productivity and significantly reduce maintenance and replacement costs. Key applications that benefit from SUPER Chain include construction machines, harbour facilities, mining equipment and forest equipment, particularly those in operations subject to both heavy and shock loads.

The SUPER Chain family comprises six product groups each meeting a higher level of strength criteria to eliminate risks of in-use breakage. Key to their outstanding performance is a special link plate design with pitch holes critically formed and drifted to improve their allowable tension. This is complemented by SUPER, through-hardened pins that permit substantial increases in acceptable load, over standard chain, to deliver exceptional performance.

The foundation of the Tsubaki SUPER Chain family is the H Series roller chain, which is especially suited to applications where the load is heavy and operating speeds are low or operating conditions are severe. Its link plate thickness corresponds with the next larger size of ANSI roller chain, providing the capability to absorb approximately 10 percent higher shock load.

HT Series, with identical dimensions to standard ANSI heavy series, delivers an additional 15-30 percent increase in tensile strength. The SUPER Series provides for greater shock load resistance and the SUPER-H Series offers even greater tensile strength as well as a 25-30 percent improvement in allowable tension.

Tsubaki's premier chain, the Ultra SUPER Series, has greater ultimate tensile strength and allowable tension than any other roller chain currently manufactured and available in the market place. Moreover, with the Ultra SUPER Series, a chain up to two sizes smaller than standard chain may be selected for an installation without any compromise in mechanical performance.

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– 2003 April 8