Tsubaki continues to lead advances in chain technology development

Continuous innovation in drive and conveyor chains, as well as associated equipment and technologies, characterises Tsubaki's commitment to its industrial markets.

With Lambda Chain already offering a substantially increased working life compared with that for conventional chain, Tsubaki introduced it's next step development, the X-Lambda, Lube-Free chain, a technical leap that not only sets a new ultra-long life performance standard globally, but delivers to customers the potential for significant operating and maintenance cost savings.

The X-Lambda chain innovation comes with the introduction of an oil impregnated felt seal between the inner and outer link plates. This new sealing technique builds on the outstanding characteristics of Lambda to further increase wear-life performance.

Like all Lambda chain, because it is lube-free X-Lambda is ideal for installations in clean environments, such as conveyors used in food processing and for sanitary goods. However, its innovative felt seal also provides an effective barrier against the penetration of dust, thereby extending the chain's installation and cost saving possibilities. A broad in-use temperature range of - 10°C to 50°C is an added complement to its performance and application profile.

Revolutionary in design, Tsubaki's Bearing Roller Conveyor Chain combines superior performance and energy efficiency with a long working life and low maintenance. The key elements in this patent-pending design are the precisely machined cylindrical roller bearings developed by Tsubaki, that are inserted between the bushings and the chain roller.
Compared with rollers fitted with general-purpose ball bearings, the Tsubaki chain allows a higher load and eliminates stick-slipping for chain speeds down to 2m/min.

Furthermore, lower frictional forces also reduce the need for lubrication and maintenance which, depending on application, can be between five and 10 times compared to conventionally-constructed conveyor chains. Reducing the friction increases the life of the chain further increasing cost savings.

The coefficient of friction for a normal chain under lubrication is µ=0.08. Tsubaki's Bearing Roller Conveyor Chain reduces this to µ=0.03, allowing up to an 80% decrease in driving power. Moreover, this combination of reduced friction and increased strength enables component rationalisation to achieve further power savings.

Bearing Roller Conveyor Chain is available in a range of pitch sizes and can be customised to meet a wide variety of specifications, including waterproofing, dust proofing and the fitting of oil seals and a range of dedicated attachments for different conveyor applications.

Worldwide environmental regulations restricting the use of harmful materials have limited the use of chromium as a surface treatment to prevent rusting. In compliance with this initiative, and in line with its own environmental policy, Tsubaki developed DP (Double Plating) Roller Chain with no hexavalent chromium.

Tsubaki's development of this groundbreaking, double plating coating technology for Roller Chain delivers unrivalled corrosion resistance to protect carbon steel in harsh industrial environment installations. While other chains might fail when exposed to salt water or acid rain, for example, the Tsubaki DP Roller Chain is unaffected because of its galvanised double layered, corrosion resistant coating.
The very smooth, difficult-to-scratch coating bonds securely with the chain and, because no hexavalent chromium is used, it is environmentally friendly.

Tsubaki's DP chain's ability to handle extreme conditions without impairment was proven when tested under a constant salt-water spray for more than 500 hours, significantly outperforming both nickel and zinc plated chain. It is also resistant to acid rain and other adverse weather effects, making it completely reliable for outdoor installations.

Moreover, the double plating treatment temperature is low, consequently the tensile strength and allowable tension of the DP Roller Chain remains the same as that of standard roller chain.

About Tsubakimoto
Tsubakimoto Chain Co. is the leading global manufacturer of chain and power transmission systems. Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, Tsubakimoto has production centres in the USA, Canada, Taiwan, Korea and China as well as four manufacturing plants in Japan, and more than 50 major distributors around the world. Tsubaki customers are supported by comprehensive sales and technical service networks in more than 70 countries worldwide. Tsubakimoto has its European headquarters in Roosendaal, The Netherlands.

– 2003 April 9